Many between us already bought or thought about getting a Statement Necklace. So you like them but you aren’t sure of how to wear them. Suddenly you are invaded with so many questions such as:  would it look good on me? would I dare to wear it? I like how it looks on that chick, but on me? am so small, or am chubby, or whichever excuse us women tend to find to discourage ourselves.
The truth is that it suits us ALL, it’s just a matter of getting our confidence and dare to wear them, without fear of dragging all the attention to us.
Sometimes I see people dressed beautifully and simply and I say to myself, hmm if you add a statement necklace to that look, it would give you a 360 degree change. And that’s the main reason of jewelry, complement and raise an outfit to the next level.
The Statement necklaces help us pop up an outfit! Personally, when I design necklaces I like to create this kind a lot. What I intend to offer to my clients is the possibility to own a piece that they can use with most of everything they have in their wardrobe. The Statement Necklace will give you the option to create different styles while using it on different occasions, always looking in a very unique way.
Now, if you are thinking about buying one or using the one you already have because you fell in love but don’t know how to wear, here’s a quick guide:

1. Adopt a Simple and Refined style:

Try to wear a single color top, so that you do not compete with the necklace, it should lead the main role in your outfit . If you opt for a multiple color top, the idea is to avoid too many patterns, so the necklace and the top wont blend or get lost, not being able to pop up. It’s important to keep in mind that it should exist harmony between your outfit and your necklace.

                                                                                         Necklace by LOVA & MOI

2. Choose a size that suits you the best:

For me, this is a type of necklace that suits of all; however we have to be aware that certain models can play in our disadvantage. For example, if you are someone who has a short neck, I would recommend that you opt for a longer and loose version, especially those necklaces that have a lot of volume and will make you look like you’re choking on it!
If, on the other hand, your neck is normal or long, you are lucky because you can choose between all sizes and dimensions.

3. Pair it with small earrings:

You already have an accessory that gets all the attention; Do not make your earrings compete with him. Opt for small, simple, that won’t mess with the necklace. Also, they don’t have to match, nor has to be the same color as the necklace. keep it simple, there’s no rules.

4. If you want to look thinner, choose them long:

                                                                                            Necklace by LOVA & MOI

These type of necklaces have the cunning to make you look thinner. Long necklaces will bring attention away from hips and to the front and center of your body.

5. Wear them both night and day:

There’s no special occasion to wear them. That same necklace can give you different looks. For example during the day you can wear it with a t-shirt, some girl friend jeans and it gives you a trendy touch. At night, wear it with a little black dress and it will make you look so elegant. Do not be afraid to use it at all times, it will always give you the touch you need to look unique and stand up above the rest.
I hope that after reading this article you will wear one of them feeling confident and most important, comfortable. If you want to venture into this style, you can click on my shop and choose between a wide variety!