When it comes to Dark Circles, I must say, I feel like a pest control company trying to  eliminate a bunch of bugs! the only thing I want to do about them is get rid of my hideous ones! I don’t know you, but I have the impression of being fighting against them my entire life (I started at 15).

There’s many reasons why we have them, in my case is genetics (yes, bummer), both my parents have them and even if I sleep 12 hours, I will still have them and look tired.
I know there are a few treatments to improve their appearance, like using retinol, vitamin C, micro-needing, laser, among others, but honestly am not sure on  how effective some of them are and they are painful and quite pricey, so in the meantime I just concentrate on camouflaging them the best I can.

I have tried a lot of concealers and correctors, and believe me, a lot is not even close, but I might say I feel lucky to have finally found the ones that really works for me and I would like to share them with you (I am not sponsored by any of them, but they really work and I feel like I want share it with the entire “Dark circle Community fellows” Lol).

                                                                                                           Whitout Makeup
                                                                                        Full concealer + foundation

I took 3 samples of each category, different budgets, some of them organics (if I can find good ones, I jump on them), definitively effectives. Here are the steps you should take:

Prep the area:

First, prep the area with a good hydrating eye cream. My favorite one at this moment is JUICE BEAUTY. I love this brand because is organic, but not only; is light and at the same time rich and it leaves the under eye area really smooth. Another thing that I rave about, is that it helps prevent creasing ( I was having this problem with another brand).

You don’t have to spend huge amounts, just find the right cream for your skin type. Here are some recommendations:


clinique-even-better-eyes.png                        juice beauty              burts bees hidrating eye cream


Clinique Even better                       Juice Beauty                          Burt bees


Use a Corrector:

Since the under eye area tend to be dark or sometimes red,  you need to first apply a corrector that will counteract that dark shade and neutralize it.  If you, like me,  have purple/brownish dark circles, then the right shade is Peach;  If on the contrary, yours are more reddish, then try a green tone.   My No. 1 is GIORGIO ARMANI because is liquid  (lighter than a creamy version) and won’t crease into my fine wrinkles.

TIP: apply the corrector with your ring finger and not with a beauty blender.



bobby brown corrector                           Giorgio-Armani-Master-Corrector-Orange-                             Lancome Camouflage

Bobby Brown Corrector          Giorgio Armani Corrector        Lancome Teint


Apply your Concealer:

Last step, before looking beautiful, rest and flawless, is to apply your Concealer. Make sure you find the one that matches your skin tone and if you also would like to highlight that area, choose up to 2 lighters shades. My favorite at this moment is TARTE TAPE SHAPE. I love it because it makes wonders, it covers perfectly well (always use the corrector first, otherwise it will turn to grey underneath), it doesn’t crease and the most important thing is that it last at least 8 hours without reapplying. Also I appreciate the fact that this brand is Paraben and fragrance free.

If you are looking for a Drugstore product, the Maybelline Erase Eye is very good for the price. I just find it doesn’t last as long as the Tarte Shape Tape, but is also covers pretty good and the price doesn’t go higher than USD 8.00.

TIP: apply the concealer with your ring finger, let it sit for a few seconds and then, with a damp (I use makeup spray, so at the same time it helps set it better) beauty blender, smooth the rest. The reason I don’t like applying the concealer with the beauty blender is because it wipes off a lot of product.

taste shape tape                      Maybelline eraser eye concealer                     mac pro logwear

Tarte Shape Tape                   Maybelline eraser eye          Mac Pro Longwear


                                                          FULL MAKEUP +ACCESSORIES LOVA & MOI

I truly see the difference now that I follow these steps and use my treasure products.  Of course, what works for some might not works for others, but following these steps with the products that suits you, will give you the results you are looking for.

Make sure you click on the links if you’re interested by any of these products.

If you have other ideas or recommendations please share them in my comments. Of course if you have any questions, comment below and I will be more than happy to help.



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  1. Me encantó este artículo, voy a probar el humectante antes de ponerme el tapa ojeras!
    Besos Lova, Lu

    1. Gracias amiga! Así es, es importante el humectante para que no se te meta el tapa ojeras en las líneas debajo del ojo. Besos!!!

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