Red is what we have been seeing all over this season, from Podiums like Giorgio Armani, Giambattista Valli, Balenciaga, Fendi, Balmain, among many more.  Even if it’s a bold color that not everyone dares to wear, is here and is inviting us to join the party.

Why RED? Because it cheers you up! The moment you wear it, your mood sets up on a happy mode and best of all,  it gives you confidence in yourself.  Also is the perfect color,  because it offers our looks a real  boost.

I’ve always loved red. The moment I wear something red, my complexion changes, it lights up. I believe  RED is a color that suits everyone, from blondes to dark-haired and even to  red heads (yes ladies, specially you, that certainly have heard from others to never dare, because is not for you).

Certain shades are less flattering to certain skin tones, you just have to find the one that’s right for you. If you are hesitant, there’s a way of making sure by taking the shade and bring it near to your face.  Believe me, there’s a RED shade for everyone!

Now, you would like to give it a try,  but you don’t know how; or you fear it could be   too much or just don’t know how to pair it with other pieces. Here’s my advice:

Start by Accessories

If you are someone used to wear mostly black or basic colors and going with the total red look scares you, then start by one accessory.  For example,   grab a red bag or a pair of red pumps or even jewelry  and mix it up with your outfit. That way, you will have a small touch but it will pump up the entire outfit, it will bring it to life, and perhaps, who knows,  you will dare to add more red pieces in a near future.


Add a red accessory to your look


                                                                        Pick one basic piece   

Maybe you would like to wear red as a part of your outfit, but not flirting with the  total look idea. In that case,  choose a basic piece, like  a red T-shirt or blouse and add it to a pair of  jeans, trousers  or  a skirt.  I love the mix between red and blush color, or red and camel;  less, red and black, but if you decide to go for it, make it subtle.



Necklace and Earrings by LOVA & MOI


How about the total look?

This Season is all about the Total Red , so if Red is your element and you feel great about it, go ahead! However, if you adopt the total red, try to pick the same shade, cause too much contrast will break the look. Ideally is to wear red from head to toe, so don’t forget the shoes.



Cuff and Necklace by LOVA & MOI
Earrings by LOVA & MOI


If you are looking for an elegant and sophisticated look, opt for a Taylor Suit or a dress, pair them with some gold accessories. Want some jewelry ideas, come visit my site

Wear it as part of your makeup

Sometimes you don’t feel like wearing red but you are not against the idea of having a small touch and what better than lips! Red lips can be THE FACTOR  you need to pop up your entire self! Red lips are sexy and  glamorous and timeless, so don’t be afraid!

During the day,  is the perfect match for a white T-shirt, even for the office and during night will be the special lifter of any all-in-black outfit.

What are you waiting for? Get RED and remember, no need to wait till the evening to wear it!

Don’t forget to comment! If you have any questions or  you have more ideas and would like to share it with me, don’t hesitate to comment below.

hope you enjoy it!, xo, Lova