Cocktails rings are a MUST on any girls jewelry box. That piece alone can achieve more that a bunch of accessories paired together! It gives you instantaneous sophistication.


Cocktail rings were born in the 1920s, during the American Prohibition era, where alcohol was banned and parties were held secretly.
A big change started to outburst for women; they were no longer under their husband’s shadows, wanting to be seen and heard. The “It attitude” for a woman was to hold her “Tom Collins” with a big chunky ring that assured her to be seen, like a laser light getting all the attention. A new trend and terminology were born: The Cocktail Ring.

They were oversized; the most impressive had big diamonds or other semi-precious stones like rubies, emeralds or sapphires set in platinum or gold and surrounded by pave diamonds. They used to be worn on the ring or index finger of the right hand.
They became a sign of wealth as well as a personality measure.

Although they disappeared from the ’60s till the ’80s, they came back to stay till today. They remain large and glamorous, yet more popularized with all kind of materials like gemstones, crystals, lab created stones, metals, etc. They come in different sizes and shapes, like flowers, animals, nature and the list is long. They aren’t always necessary of diamonds and semi-precious stones since it’s more an expensive version, but there’s one for every budget.

Today, cocktail rings are the perfect fashionable accessory; it’s a statement piece, so no matter the type, they still are all about to get the attention and let us feel empowered.

Lova & Moi cocktail ring

Lova & Moi Cocktail Ring (Black agate)


The rule says you can wear them in any finger, except for the engagement or wedding ring, but I wouldn’t be so serious about it! If that’s where you want to wear it, go ahead. I personally love to wear them on my index finger.

As I said, there’s no rule, so You can wear as many as you like or combine them with thin rings or just one on each hand, is up to you!


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Honestly, there’s no special occasion to wear them. If you try yo escape from the everyday look, then grab one of those, pair it with your ripped jeans and pair of booties and voila, your look goes from really casual to a more chic vibe.

What about jumping from the office directly to a special evening? just add a cocktail ring, lose a little bit your first suit button and you are set!

Obviously, it will always complement an evening dress, giving it a more stunning and glamorous look! We usually see them on celebrities hands on the red carpet.

As I said, on any occasion it will make you stand out and will be the reason of many conversation starters.

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