March is here and we  are already flirting with the idea of  switching our wardrobe to lighter fabrics and welcome Spring;  However, even if we sometimes have strangely hot days, reality check bring us back; the proof  these past days, as we welcomed another winter storm (yikes, how I hate that), but what can I say, Mr. Weather has the last word and confirm us that we still need some extra layers to keep us warm.

I imagine that like me, you wish you had a 2000 Sq ft closet to keep all your seasonal wardrobe together, but since is sadly not the case (for most of all), we need to store the out of season clothing somewhere. What I suggest, is not putting all your winter garment aside yet; you would like to keep some of them that still be useful on this weird cold/warm days, and gladly can be paired up with some Spring pieces. By this article I will be showing you how to get rid of some no longer useful Winter pieces and bring out progressively one of your Spring ones in.

Also, this Guide could be helpful for those living in warmer countries and that need to travel at this period of the year to this kind of weather and don’t know what to pack, so pay attention you travelers.

The main principle is master the Art of Layering, so in case the sun is out and as the day gets warmer, you should be able to get rid of some layers. Also, you may want to superimposes light fabrics under heavier ones, to keep your body warm.

So how do we jump into that transition and what are the key pieces we should bear in mind to look  and feel good?

 1. Light Jackets:

Start by a lighter jacket; by this I mean Trench coats, Leather, Jeans jackets and some  materials like cotton.  These will help keep you warm, but at the same time, aren’t as heavy as a winter coat where you might end up suffocating when the sun heats up.


Navy Trench Coat
Jeans Jacket



Faux leather cropped jacket


Shopping Guide: here you will find a sample of different light jackets that I picked for you. If you are interested by any of these, just click on the link below.


1. Bagatelle faux leather jacket 2.Jeans Jacket   3. Attico Trench coat  4. Mango checked coat   5.Riverisland Green Jacket    6. Banana Republic Trench Coat  7.Chloe wool Cropped Coat  8.Doma Leather Jacket

2. Knitted Sweaters:


Knitted sweaters are perfect for this time of the year because they can keep you warm without being too heavy. Fabrics like cotton are perfect because they breathe but has weight. Start by pairing them with a soft silk or chiffon maxi skirt; its chic and stylish. Bring some color with soft pastels or floral prints. I also love the idea of wearing a cable knit sweater with a pair of “culottes”. If you aren’t a “cold-blooded” person then the mini skirt or pair of shorts, no tights and a pair of ankle boots is the perfect match.

Necklace by Lova & Moi
 pink Sweater


black shoes

 3. Ankle Boots and Mules:

These are perfect because it helps you make that transition smoothly.  What I like the most,  is that chic touch they give to your outfit. They look great with everything, from jeans to skirts, dresses and shorts; no need to wear tights or socks, as they keep most of your feet warm.

This 2018, Mules are one of the center pieces that you should concentrate on having to look stylish effortlessly, and what’s best, they are super comfy.

Black suede mules
Rose Mules

Shopping guide: here, some of my favorites and in trend for this season. Click on the links to have some more details.


1. Mercedes Castillo Izar Mules 2.Bella Vita Eden mules  3.Sam Edelman Oran Leopard print mule 4.The Modern Loafer Mule 5.Mercedes Castillo Abia Suede Mules

ankle booties

1.Odelle Snake Booties 2.Marc ellis open toe ankle booties 3.Louise et Cie Verdana Bootie  4.Sam Edelman Botties5.Dolce Vita Ramona booties 6.Nine West Savitra booties

4. Accessories:

Accessories are key to any season because they complete your look; but for this particular time of the year, they are fundamental cause they can keep us warm during chilly mornings and being easily removed during the day, as it warms up. In that sense,  think about Scarfs in cotton or even silk. They will also allow to add some color or  prints to revive your outfit. Another key piece are hats. We still need them, specially during the morning and evenings. The trend this year is “The engineering Hat”, you must have to own yours, to be and feel like that It Girl.   

Last, but not least, Jewelry! always sparkle your outfit with a nice necklace or pair of earrings that will complete the whole look.


Shopping Guide: Scarves and engineering hats to add that special touch that will make you  look effortlessly chic.


  1.  Green Scarf 2.Tory Burch Silk Scarf 3. Ted Baker Wool and Silk Scarf 4.Fringe Scarf 5.Gucci Silk Neck Bow

Engineer Hats

1.Brixton Cap 2.Nine West Camel Cap 3.Nine West Newsboy Felt Cap

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! no excuses to go out without looking fresh and trendy and mostly, feeling warm but already with that spring vibe that we are all craving for (specially us at the east coast 🙁 ).

Do you have any comments or ideas that you would like to share with me? please don't hesitate.

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