Mixing prints is often a sort of Taboo or a zone where not everyone feels comfortable. however, is more simple than it seems. There are basic rules that if you follow, you end up mastering that art in only a few minutes and that’s what I hope this post will achieve.

I can imagine many in between you wondering how some women get to wear those nice mixed prints outfits that looks so trendy and fashionable: Maybe they bought it all done  and ready to wear at the store? yeah, they probably saw it on the mannequin and simply asked for the same.  Well, the answer is not at all.

I was one of those hesitant girls many years ago, and every time I saw something similar at the magazines or people out there, I was seduced by it, but I didn’t know  from where to begin. Then, I started digging more  on the subject and found that it wasn’t as difficult as it seemed to be and more,  that you end up having fun playing around fabrics, textures and so.

So let me explain you from where to begin:

Black and white Prints:

If you are a completely beginner  or you never dare because you aren’t sure of pulling the whole look together, I would suggest starting by the very basic. This for me is the most easy one. Just grab a top and a bottom in black and white prints and try to married them together. Theres no trick in ti, just go with the flow.


Pants          Skirt        Slides          Blouse            Green sandals         Bag

This, will no longer be a simple black and white outfit, but a new bold and trendy one.

I also love the idea of adding some other colors within the accesories, like the green sandal above, or adding a colored bag. Even Jewelry can add that extra color touch to this black and white ensemble.

Later on, when you feel confident enough, you can then mix two pieces that has both black and white but  in wich one of them has some extra colors, like the example below. It becomes a real fun game to play with.


I found this blouse at Marshall’s, but here is something similar:BlousePants  are the same.



Stripes and Flowers:

This is one of my favorites cause theres no way to get wrong with it and the possibilities of colors are endless.  We all have a stripe top in our closet and a floral print as well, (if not, what a great excuse  to go  shopping, LOL).  The idea is to match the same colors in each piece (top and bottom), or at least to combine the predominant colors of each pieces together.  The key is to keep the tones.

Also, stripes goes with everything because they are simple, so i’s kind of what white or black solids are at the moment of pairing an outfit. Its again, very safe.


I recently bought this tunic  (Tunic)  and decided to paired it with these ZARA  trousers that I have from many years now.


I bought these Prada shoes last season, so I couldnt found the same, but any black platform sandal will do the trick ;).



Necklace by Lova & Moi. you can click on my Shop, for more info or special color request.


Leopard Print:

Leopard print is considered to be a neutral when mixing prints. It will be kind of your canvas, and then you can add anything else. I like the idea of graphic Tees and Leopard prints; also stripes are most of the commonly mixed together with it, but you can make a test with other prints as long as you can find the colors on both pieces, cause again, is considered  a neutral. Just play around and have fun.


1. /  2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.

Also, if you’re still shy and not sure of mixing tops with bottoms, start by leopard print shoes; they can be paired with mostly anything and that will immediately transform any boring outfit to something more  bold and chic.

Floral over Floral:

I love floral prints; is not something I only use in Spring and Summer, but year round. There are many possibilities where you can mix floral prints. For example, keeping the same principle of  same or similar tones, you can pair small and big flowers together and the result is so romantic, like this light blue top with it’s short.

Also, combining two different floral prints together can be super fun (This will be valid to any same kid of print, not only flowers).  Try not to have too many colors in each piece, but like the picture below (red and white), two tones top and bottom, even if they aren’t at all the same, ended up looking very sophisticated.

Last, but not least, one of the easiest tricks when combining prints is adding a graphic t-shirt to a print fabric. Just try to match the colors and voila, super classy!


1. / 2. / 3. / 4. / 5. / 6.

From now on, I hope you feel more confident when mixing prints. Just remember, keep it simple, dont overthink it, it’s supposed to be fun!

I think I covered most of it; anyhow please feel free  to ask questions or  leave me a comment, I’ll be glad to answer! Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog and follow my Instagram account for more daily looks.