It’s fringe-tastic out there! As you might already seen, fringe are one of  2018  “Must Have” accents.  It make us travel immediately to  the Roaring Twentys, as well as  back to the 70’s where this today’s trend became popular.

We spotted them everywhere at the main  4  Fashion Weeks in Milan, Paris, New York and London. The garments where a symbol of sophistication and a sort of romanticism all combined in one look. Obviously, at the runway is more like  the total look, difficult to adopt on a daily basis (even if I’m so mad about it, that wouldn’t mind wearing one of them for a big event or so). But the truth is we aren’t on a runway and that the idea is to find the right dose to own the look without being too much.

Am a huge fan of fringes, so much, that years ago I incorporated fringes  to my jewelry line, making tassels the main icon.

There are many reasons to wear them:  it brings texture to our outfits; they create drama and feminize yourself; They are everything but boring; they upgrade your look to an  instant sophistication; they create movement and most of all, they bring an original touch to your look in a very  innovative way.

Now the question is, how to wear it with style and integrate them to your daily wardrobe. I know some of you will feel that it isn’t an easy task, or perhaps a feeling of getting attention over you and you don’t like that; or simply you are not sure of how to put it together with classic pieces.  Well, the answer is simple, just add it by touches, like this look below.



The Statement element in this look is the Fringe Skirt. Just add any top and the look is assured.


If you add a leather jacket the result will be a mix of sophistication and rock n’ roll, certainly something unique for those who seek some kind of fun on their daily looks and to be on trend.

However, if you would like to look even more elegant, then you can upgrade your outfit by adding a blazer or a silk top, like the example below.




shop this look Fringe skirt  Blazer


As you may see, the idea is to only pick one item and combine it with a classic piece to create contrast.  If by contrary, you add too many fringes, you will end up  looking like a cowboy girl or like a costume.

Another way to add it by  small touches is with accessories,  like shoes, bags or even Jewelry. They will be the center piece of your outfit.


shop this look Floral blouse   Skirt   Boots


Speaking about accessories, if you want to create a statement, then one of  our Lova & Moi pieces will give you that Wow Factor. The advantage is that you may be wearing a simple piece, like a t-shirt and a pair of jeans and the Necklace will complete and elevate your style within seconds.


As you can see, fringes are here to stay. They are so versatile that they cross the seasons; they can be associated to any look from casual to urban or classy. In fact they have the ability to embellish any garment from dresses to pants,  blazers, sweaters, you name it! And what’s best, they will make you feel unique and chic.

Now that you are in the know, it’s time to make some serious shopping and bring this look to life; Remember,  is  one of 2018’s trends and you must own it, so don’t be afraid!

If you have any question or doubts don’t forget to comment below and I will be more than happy to help. Same if you have different ideas on how to put it together.

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