Hello you guys, hope everybody spent a great Easter break. This week I decided to write about traveling and how to dress comfy but fashionable at the same time. From the comfort of my house (and not at the airport as you can see LOL) I took some shots so you get the idea.

Every time we travel we think about comfort. We all know how long this trips can be from the airport long waiting hours to the flight itself, so I thought about compelling some easy looks that you can steal to feel comfortable without sacrificing style.

We need to keep in mind that airplane chairs are quite narrow and most of the time they lack of leg room, so we must try to have clothes that are everything but stiff and stretch enough for our own comfort. Also, on airplanes we are usually cold. I have the impression that they want to freeze us, so that’s why its important to have layers in case we need it and also in case we don’t (sometimes before departure is the contrary effect , ugh).

By comfort I refer to clothes and also shoes. These are very important as we have to walk a lot trough the airport terminals, so I rather wear sneakers  or very comfy closed  shoes than high heels and sandals, to avoid tiredness and cold inside the aircraft. Of course, you  know yourself better, so you must follow what’s best for you..

First Look:

Faux-leather leggings + cotton t-shirt + long cardigan.+ Max air sneakers.

This is a look you can adopt wether you are traveling to a cold weather or even a warmer one, so as you get out of the airpot you can drop the cardigan and not suffocate in it. It gives you a street look vibe; you’ll be comfortable but stylish at the same time


Shop this look:  leggings  T-Shirt Maxi Cardigan / Nike Air Max


I like to travel with a cross body bag because I can have my hands free and have  the feeling that all my important documents are safe with me. Shop bag Chloe


These leggings are perfect for travel. They are so soft and comfy, they stretch enough making you feel like you are in your pj’s (feels like,  not looking like it), while keeping the glam look that only a pair of leather pants can give you.


Second Look: 

Long Skirt + cotton shirt + Jean Jacket + light fabric scarf +engineer hat + comfy espadrilles.

This is more like a spring/summer look, but can be adapt for winter, specially for those who rather travel more in skirts than pants.

The idea is to have free movement, so this kind or jersey skirt is perfect. It will keep you from being cold and at the same time will make you look chic and elegant.

I always travel with a scarf (the material depends on the weather), but is perfect for the airplane because it will  keep you warm.


The jean vest is perfect  on the airplane, and as you can see, it adds a cool vibe to the entire outfit.


These shoes are the most comfortable ones that can exist. You feel like literally walking in cushions. They feel like a sneaker, but more lightweight and girly.


Shop this look: Jean jacket T-shirt  skirt /  Scarf Hat Espadrilles


Third Look: 

Leather Jacket + long sleeve jersey +Jogger + Scarf + Sneakers.

The key principle is layering; that will allow you to play with it as you feel cold or hot.   Adding a Leather jacket will elevate the pants and give the entire look a classy vibe, even more if adding a scarf,  as I said  before, perfect for the airplane, but with a bonus of making you look chic.

I love to travel in joggers; Ok, not any kind, but those that look a bit more dressy and street style than those to work out or just hang around the house on Sundays.  The elastic waist is a most, you never feel tight, it keeps you warm and free to move a hundred times (I am one of those, specially when I try to sleep and can’t find a good position) or just feel loose. The idea is to find a  stylish pair like these and the result is guaranteed.

joggers–travel–fashionThis is one of my favorite bags to travel  because I can put so many stuffs inside; It’s like owning the Mary Poppins bag, it fits everything!  Shop this bag: Louis Vuitton


Wearing sneakers is a perfect go with this kind of outfit, and you’ll be ready for the journey.


Shop this look: Leather Jacket /  Jersey Sweater Jogger Scarf /  Sneakers


As every girl, we love to look good in any situation.  I hope  that next time you are going to hit any destination you will feel confident in any of these styles that you can modify and personalize.  The whole idea is to have outfits that allow you to travel comfortable but make you look fab and glam as you get out of the plane.

If you want some of the pieces above, click on the links.

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