Now that the sun is mostly out everyday and that flowers are in bloom, is this time of the year that we would like to match that feeling with our nail polish and feel it even more.

In case you were wondering, what are the trends right now because you don’t want to missed anything, then these are the shades you are looking for.  As you get bored, feel free to switch to the other with ease.

Am not a fan of matchy matchy mani and pedi. I know that before it was considered almost a sacrilege, but now is a whole new story and pairing two different colors is permitted and encouraged. Of course that doesn’t give you the right to match any color with another, but using a sense of color palette will help you pick the two shades. If you are clueless, then follow my advice below.

1. Soft Yellow



Instead of wearing the classic pink  when Springs arrives,  choose this trendier     version. Yellow has come with force this year and this type of soft one looks fantastic on any kind of skin tone. You won’t be disappointed.

Pedi-Mani Pairing: Coral,  Pink

2. Magenta



This vibrant hue  has been dubbed spring’s color of the moment, plus it really flatters any skin tone and set your mood for the day. It’s a perfect option when not feeling for red or purple.

 Pedi-Mani Pairing: Nude

3. Ultra Violet



This is Pantone color of the year,  so if you want to carry the “It” color and be in the trend, then this is the perfect shade for you.

However, if you feel a little bit intimidated by this bold color or if   you are more on the pastel shades, then Lavender is a way to carry this trend on a more subtle way..

 Pedi-Mani Pairing:  Lavender   

4. Mint Green



This shades gives you a Fresh air feeling! it’s perfect to  transition from winter.

Pedi-Mani Pairing: Light Coral, Silver

5. Classic Red



 Because Red is always a good idea and matches any skin tone, It will never be out of style!

Pedi-Mani Pairing: pink, light blue

6. Light Blue



This is the perfect beachy color, the perfect match for a vacation mood.

Pedi-Mani Pairing: Electric blue, light green

7. Pink Nude



This Neutral  color is the perfect shade for a spring dress. Also pretty easy to match to any pastel color on your toes.

Pedi-Mani Pairing: Light green, dark blue



Now you know which shades to choose when going to your next nail salon experience or even better, while shopping to have the work done at home.

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