When it comes to shoes, I must admit I am a huge fan of them. Shoes are the perfect  accessory that transform  and elevates an outfit within seconds.

Right now the biggest color trend is MAGENTA; they were  already showcased at NYFW, among other runways. Magenta is like the new black, goes with everything and gives instantaneous pep to your look. It’s a Bold and Strong color that can be worn with almost everything, but that specially pairs really well with neutral tones like black, white, navy, green, nude and silver.

I have many friends that doesn’t feel comfortable wearing bold colors, so this is the perfect opportunity to bet on some bright hues by adding that touch with the shoes.

If you are one of those that loves to wear black and white all the time, then switch your shoes for this color and you will see your outfit pop up immediately. This color is perfect to bring some summer vibes.

What I like about these color shoes, is that it gives you an immediate sentiment of confidence while wearing it. Just dare and you will agree with me.

Do you own a pair already? If not, then you are on the right blog. I hope to give you some inspiration that will make you want to run to the store  or click on my links after reading.

I have selected three fashionable looks that you shouldn’t miss:

Evening Occasion


As you can see, I am all dress in black, but to break with this mono color, adding a pair of bold Magenta takes it to an upper level, and lets face it, less boring though.




If you would like to shop this look click below:

Casual Chic


Again, this color looks great when paired with neutral tones. It gives this casual chic look, a more subtle vibe, while adding an original touch.



This a look that you can wear day or night.


Casual Look


This is a simple look composed by a jeans and a silver T-shirt, but once you pair it with these Magenta stilettos, immediately the look rise up and becomes Chic.

It’s fun, can be worn during the day, but thanks to the this magenta touch, it can also be worn at nighttime. Just add accessories like statement jewelry and you are ready to go.


You can also wear these jeans with a white blouse or any neutral tone top and I guarantee you that you will play around all your wardrobe mixing and matching, choices becomes endless.




To shop this look click on these links below:

Hope you enjoyed and had fun reading me and that you will be able to grab some
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