Here we are,  almost getting to the end of spring  and welcoming the summer as we’ve  been savoring the season’s trends that we’ve seen all over the magazines, instagram and other social medias.

I don’t know you, but even that I  like to splurge on some designer items,  I mostly love to hunt for Steal pieces that are  affordable and many times almost as pretty as the expensive ones. I like to invest in timeless pieces, but also to combine with those less pricey ones  allowing me to be on trend for the season, without expending a fortune.

In this post I decided to compile some of  this Spring/Summer 2018 favorites at higher and lower prices in case you were  still doubting on what to buy or just waiting for the sales, to get your hands on this season must haves.

 To  make it even more fun, Steal prices are hidden and will be revealed after you click on the links,; you’d be definitely surprised,  so have fun you guys!


1. Floral  Maxi Dress:

Floral prints  are a must this season; you can’t go out without a light  and breezy dress that screams for summer. If you’re looking for a color palette, then pastels is the right choice.


   SPLURGE     VS       STEAL


                    USD 3,400.00

splurge Dress                                                Steal Dress


2. Polka Dot Dress: 

These Season you must own at least one polka dot print garment. I’ve been obsessed with polka dots dress and these two are so flawless and sophisticated, that you will look chic the moment you slip on it.


       SPLURGE     VS      STEAL


USD 1047.00

Splurge  Dress                                  Steal Dress


3.  Leather and Net Bucket Bag:

Are you ready to go on vacation? because this is the bag to own to be really on trend!  You will be able to fit your favorite items.

I love this original version of the bucket bag. We have been seeing all over the internet and I literally fell in love with the Splurge version, but let me tell you, the  Steal one is so pretty too, that is difficult to decide….price will tell….




USD 375.00

Splurge  Bag                                    Steal Bag


4.  Kitten Heel Slingback Shoes:

Is no news that kitten heels have been on trend this whole season and slingback version as well, but the mix of both is just the summun of perfection. They look good with everything, from dresses, to trousers, jeans, skirts, everything.


  SPLURGE     VS       STEAL


USD 695.00

Splurge Pumps                                      Steal pumps



5. Leopard Pencil Skirt:

This is “THE” skirt to have now. If you like to follow trends, then you can’t miss this piece. It can be wear at all seasons and since leopard print is considered as a neutral, imagine the endless possibilities you have to mix and match with your numerous tops of all colors and shapes.



SPLURGE       VS         STEAL


USD 480.00

Splurge Skirt              Steal Skirt


6. Acetate Sunglasses:

These colorful type of sunglasses are the fun way to carry accessories this summer. From yellow, to orange, pink and of course blue, you won’t get bored choosing the one that suits your personality the best!

SPLURGE       VS       STEAL


USD 305.00

Splurge Sunglasses     Steal Sunglasses


7. Leather Slides:

Slides are the big trend of the season, and this model is perfect to be worn with every summer outfit. We’ve been spotting the expensive version all over, as well as the steal one.  They come in a variety of colors, so pick yours!




USD 575.00

Splurge andals                        Steal Sandals


8. Wide Leg Jeans:

These are my favorites! They give you such a chic allure, are fun, comfy, so many attributes. I love the crop version. You can choose between high waist, regular or low, it doesn’t matter.




USD 268.00

Splurge  Jeans                               Steal Jeans


Hope you guys had as much fun as I did, digging and hunting for the best deals and trends. of the season.

These are several of  “must haves” and it always feel good to be able to satisfy every budget, so everyone have the posibility to own its favorite piece.

If you liked it, give me some thumbs up and if you like to share your thought or ask any question, you’re always welcome, I’d be happy to help.

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Disclosure: I might get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.