Here we are, planning once more our summer vacation, getting those final details on our destination and off course, planing everything related to our warm-weather wardrobes. I don’t know you guys, but even if I try to pack light, flirting with the idea of taking only a carry on, I always fail because I have so many things that I want to bring with me, the “musts” and the “in case of” pieces. But this year I have made a promise to myself (for the sake of my marriage LOL) that I will stick to a small luggage.   So the challenge here will be how to create stylish outfits combinations with  few pieces and most of all-weather appropriate ready to be used in all kind of occasions. So I started thinking on that key piece that I should take in majority these vacations (since am heading to Tuscany and Switzerland and it will be pretty hot) to stand the heat and be chic all the time: Trousers 

You may think, why trousers? because they are the most versatile pieces of our summer wardrobe. Off course am talking about light fabric ones, but they are simply the best for the following reason: they can be adapted from day to-night while being comfortable and helping to cope with high temperatures.

I’ve chosen three different kind of pants that can be used in several situations:

1. The Drawstring Pants:  

Airy and effortless, these are perfect to be worn at the airport, very light weight, so you’ll be comfortable during the flight and ready to be dressed up for dinner with a nice top. During your day excursions, they are excellent to bike or explore the city and their breathable fabric is perfect for any kind of weather, specially hot days . 

I love the fact they can be paired with a sporty look during the day and be transformed into an elegant version during nighttime thanks to accessories, like a pair of heels and nice jewelry and the right top.  Their waist is so comfortable that will allow you to eat guilt free keeping that extra room hihi.


Shop this look:

I love theses Stuart Weitzman sandals, they are so comfortable and chic at the same time, perfect for wandering around the city. What’s best, they are on sale right now, so don’t miss this opportunity..


They are chic even with flats, very versatile, because you can switch to dinner time into heels and an Off-the-shoulders top with that same piece, isn’t it awesome? and then you save space on your suitcase (maybe saving some extra room for eventual shopping? LOL).

What I love of this type of pants is the fact they come in lightweight fabrics like soft cotton or linen, perfect to adjust yourself for very high temperatures, like the ones below: (keep clicking on the right arrow to display all items)


Also, they  come in various of prints, like stripes or flowers and fruits, among others:


2.  Jumpsuits: The One-Piece Wonder

Jumpsuits are so in trend right now, more than ever; we have spotted them all over social media, Stores, everywhere, so itself is a piece you must own on your wardrobe. But, besides that, it’s also the most convenient piece when getting ready; I just love  the ease of not thinking how to combine a pair of pants, having such a chic vibe on itself, that I can’t help it but love it madly.

Another feature that I like when wearing jumpsuits, is that you can transition from daytime to nighttime with the same piece. You may want to trade your sneakers or flats for a pair of heels or wedges and you are ready to hit the night.

As drawstring pants, they are made of lightweight fabric, so perfect for high temperatures as well.Jumpsuit–stripes

Here, I am wearing sneakers during the day and could easily trade them for a pair of nice wedges to go out for dinner and be ready in a snap.


Shop this look:   (click on the right arrow to discover the whole set)


Shop similars pieces:

3. Beach cover up Pants:

So, these ones are the best when you are at beach holidays! Their easy breezy feeling is so nice and you can jump from the beach, directly to a restaurant, without having to go for a change.


Is not only a fun look and a pretty one, but you can use it at the beach or at night and you won’t tell is a beachwear coverup. Actually I wore this outfit for New Year’s Eve in Panama while we were at the beach and people were asking me why I was dressed so fancy, haha, they really couldn’t tell it was a cover up. This outfit  is  quite a chameleon one, ready to be worn at any circumstances by relying on accessories if wanting to upgrade.


Shop this look: (click on the right arrow to display the whole set)

This is the perfect “Resort wear”  look. As many resorts  or cruises ask for a certain type of outfit, this one will suit any of their occasion if upgraded properly.
I bought this combo last year in Barcelona, so I am unable to showcase the same one here, but I found some similar kind of pants that will do the same job and will be as comfortable as mine:

So, now you know at the time of packing for your holidays, don’t forget this essential piece: Trousers, because they will help you cut your outfits by two and allow you to travel light weight, or at least try…I promise I will try. Of course, there’s always room for short and light dresses, and swimsuits.

I hope you enjoy your summer vacations and if you have any comments or stories about it, don’t forget to post in the comment case.

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