Hello everyone, sorry I’ve been missing in action but I am currently traveling with my family and friends in Italy! I can’t tell you how wonderful has been so far, food is beyond exquisite and the landscape and architecture leave us speechless every time we point our view anywhere.

Since I’ve been travelling and wandering around the cities, I just couldn’t help but think how important is to feel light and comfortable during visits. Best way to achieve that, with a belt bag!

Belt bags are the best when travelling, going on a day trip or just to the city and not wanting to carry much stuff with yo, specially when shopping and your hands are full with plenty of bags.

I remember back in the nineties wearing those “banana bags” for traveling. It was far from being as pretty as now (in my opinion), but practical.    Today it has become a real trend, models are prettier, sophisticated and fancy. They are perfect for any type of weather or season. They are small, but enough to fit your phone, small wallet and lipstick, and sometimes even more. Another thing I love is the style they give to your entire outfit, it completes the whole look, giving it a chic touch.

To make your choice really easy I decided to classified them by price or budget; make sure you click into the right arrow to discover more models.




As you can see there’s a belt bag for every budget. There’s tons of different models , colors and shapes and some of them are versatile on the way of wearing them, so don’t wait and get yours and be ready to hit the road!

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