When you think of a dress, there’s always the same question, will it suit me well? is it appropriate for my body shape? well, I have found the dress that suits every woman and every body shape: MAXIS

Maxi Dresses are kind of my obsession lately. They make me feel instantly sophisticated without a big effort. Honestly as soon as you wear it you feel like a princess and what I observed is that they look great on everyone, no matter the size or shape. It’s like they have the super power of embracing our body and make it look amazing; so keep that on mind, is not reserved only for skinny girls, it really looks good on every girl, so don’t be afraid to buy yours.

I have been wearing them quite a lot this summer, but they aren’t reserved only for hot days, but also for any kind of weather; you will adapt them depending on the outside temperature. You can always add a jeans  or   leather jacket for fall, a cardigan with a belt or even a coat during  winter, or wear it as is,  the possibilities are endless.

There’s no special occasion to wear them; day or night can be an excellent excuse; a same dress can be worn during both circumstances; for example during the day you can wear them with espadrilles, sneakers or flat boots and during the night just change them for a pair of high heel pumps, sandals or boots, to name some alternatives. I wore them a lot during my holidays in Europe and I had tons of compliments.

I have classified them in three categories: Total maxis, Mid Maxis and Long-sleeve Maxis.


They have a long hem that goes to the bottom, where you see the tip of your shoes. They seem more elegant, but as I said they can be worn both day and night; accessories will make the difference.



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I literally fell in love with this dress, so light and flawless and elegant at the same time. It’s floral print is perfect for Summer, but as I said, you can use it at any season, regardless the print or color.


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These Maxis are shorter in length, keeping the same effect and sophistication. I wore them  during holidays with sneakers and I must say am in love with that combo, it has something special on how it looks and best of all, it allows you to be comfy and chic at the same time.


Off course, you can wear it with heels, boots, you name it,  it’s always perfection.


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What I like about this style is that they can be shorter on the front and larger in the back, like this model below:

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These are kind of my favourites! They scream sophistication and they are perfect for colder months specially fall (even if they are light enough to be worn on Summer). Also, knowing that some women doesn’t like to show their arms, BINGO! This is the perfect  combination, so there’s no excuse ladies..what are you waiting for!

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For me,  Maxis are the summum of femininity.