When you think of a Pencil skirt, the first image that comes into your mind it’s a sort of corporate dress code or anything related to a work uniform. Although it’s indeed the perfect type of skirt to go to work, there are many more occasions in which you can wear it and in a fun way.

Actually, is a staple piece every woman has or should have in their closets because is the perfect piece to wear at any season. Is the perfect piece to have because it allows you to play around and create newer versions every time no matter the occasion.

What I want to show you with this post is that with a same skirt you can build different looks and being able to wear it to different scenarios in a non-boring way.

1. The Cool Look:

If you want to wear it for a casual occasion during daytime, then wear it with a T-shirt; the rest will depend on  how you style it and accessorize it, making it more relax or more rock or even more grown-up with a silk top, for example.


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This is a stret style  look that you can wear during daytime but also night-time,  for a girls night out or whatever you have in mind that doesn’t required to be dressy or fancy enough.

The graphic T-shirt gives it a trendy twist, so any that you have of this kind will achieve that effect or if you don’t have it go for this same one as is less than USD 15.00, excellent material and also very cool, can we ask for more? nahhh…


Another tip is to pair it with a biker leather jacket, specially when it’s getting colder and depending on where you’re heading,  accessorize  it according to the look you would like to achieve.

On the first image my handbag was more urban style and on this  picture above and below I opted for a clutch,  more ready to hit the night.


The booties are a  way to continue in that rock line, but you could wear heel sandals for a trendy vibe or pumps for that elegant touch. And if you want a more sporty look during the day, a pair of sneakers will complete it perfectly.

2. The “DRESSY” look:

 This is a suitable choice in case you are invited to a cocktail or a special evening occasion or whatever more elegant or fancy event you might have.


I wore this look to NYFW, but I could wear it for a party or cocktail or simply to a nice dinner invitation. I paired it with white booties, but you can wear high heels or boots to make it even more sophisticated.


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I wore this crossbody bag for its convenience (so I didn’t have to carry it with me every time from show to show), but a nice clutch could be perfect for an evening event as well.

Pairing a pencil skirt with an elegant top will immediately upgrade the outfit.

    3. The “Corporate Dress Code” look:

Since this is the typical kind of skirt we ladies use to wear to go to work, obviously it fits into this category, but as I stated before, not only. Off course is perfect and there are many ways to wear it, but I decided to create my own style and show it to you guys hoping you can find some inspiration.


I took a blazer and tucked it into my skirt, so I doesn’t look as boring as a blazer and skirt suit and simply added two skinny belts superposed to each other.  There’s nothing wrong in wearing it the old way, is just that I wanted to give it a more modern twist.


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Office work tends to be very serious, but with a little bit of imagination we can turn it into something more trendy while  keeping the chic side together. Play around with what you already have in your closet, like accessories classic items and buy the key pieces to complete the whole outfit.

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I hope you guys enjoyed as much as I did. Playing around one staple piece was more fun than I initially thought and that allows us to rethink the use of the pieces  we already own or those that we are thinking on buying in order to create multiple outfits, and what’s best, in a fun way.

Leave a comment if you have some fun ideas or if you need some advice or have any questions I will be more than happy be of any help.

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