Is fall and Leopard print is all over. There’s no one single shop that doesn’t have a piece of it. I know that for many among you, animal print is consider as a bold or flashy piece and many times you don’t feel like wearing it by being afraid of getting all eyes on you. However, Leopard print ladies, is a neutral and even it has  a lot going on,  goes with almost everything, and best, is fun and trendy!

Theres lots of ways you can wear it, but I decided to show you 3 cool ways to rock this print fearless; believe me, people is going to stare at you because how stylish you look and not for any other reason.

Leopard print over leopard print:


As you can see, is about paring a leopard print top with a leopard print bottom of any kind, like trousers or skirt, shorts, etc. The idea is to take pieces that has the same colour tone in order to look cohesive; the size of the print doesn’t have necessary to match though.  As you can see in the picture above, the blouse print is larger than the skirt, but it doesn’t affect the look. Actually some people thought it was a dress and not two separate pieces, since the color tones are very similar.

Also, you can add accessories to make it pop even more. I personally like it a lot with red, orange and yellow and obviously, any neutral like black, beige or brown.


To this same look, you can add neutral pieces like a jacket or blazer as I have in the picture, depending on how you would like to adapt it to a specific occasion. For example with a crop blazer it can be used to work. Add a cool jacket and is more night version or a sweater or even a jeans jacket to make it look more casual.


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I’ve selected a couple of pieces to be matched and ready to shop in case you would like to see more examples:

Leopard print and patterns: 


This is a very cool one! As I stated before, leopard is considered a neutral, so in fact it can be paired with almost anything, like stripes, dots, flowers, etc. In this case I decided to wear a pair of leopard trousers with a floral blouse. The secret is to pick a top that has one of the leopard print main colors in it, among other colors in common.


Well, you may think there’s a lot going on, but actually the fact that black is the common colour in between the two pieces makes it blend them pretty smoothly and the result is great as its looks stylish and trendy.


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Leopard Print as an accent:

If you don’t feel like wearing the total look or mixing prints, there’s always a way of wearing leopard print in a cool way. By this,  I mean trying using it as the main accessory, reviving your outfit and  taking it to a next level.


What I love about leopard print is its capacity of giving life to any color palette. It has that “pop up” quality that makes an outfit stand out and makes it look cooler and fashionable effortlessly.


Adding an accent like this clutch gives this outfit a twist and completes it. Any kind of leopard bag will achieve this, but I do think that a clutch is the summon of chicness. This one is hand-made in Venezuela, and I bought it in support of its people who’s suffering hunger and human rights violations in so many ways that I feel blessed for all the things we have and so often take for granted. The clutch is beautifully crafted in  100% real leather.


I love the fact you can wear it with almost everything. If you feel on “the spot” with leopard print clothes, then accessories will be your first step if you want to go gradually. There are so many possibilities to introduce it as an accessory besides bags, like shoes or belts for example.


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Hope to see you all rocking in Leopard Print, and remember  this is a print to wear whole year round!

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Disclosure: I might get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.