Ok, lets face it, who isn’t already thinking where to escape this upcoming spring break? Weather has been freezing since the beginning of the year and all I can think of now is where to head during spring break to warm myself a little bit.

As I always said, I am a girl from the tropic and I will die like it. Been born in Panama where there’s no seasons and weather remains the same almost year round, its hard to resist cold temperatures for so long, but I am also someone quite positive so I make lemonade with the lemons I have and stick to it :).

However, every time I think holidays, my mind travels to somewhere beachy. This year I’m taking my daughter and some friends of her to a resort near Cancun, and I am already starting to look for some new pieces to add into this trip’s suitcase.

When you think resort the first thing that comes to my mind is lightweight but chic garments that you can use most of the day made out of linen, embroidery and lace, to name a few; Not exactly a pair of jeans shorts and a cami with flip-flops, if you know what I mean.

Ideally is finding some adaptable pieces for both day and night occasions, specially when you rather travel light. One of the brands I have found recently that focus on this principle is L’Antonio Resort. As it names calls for it, is mostly resort wear line for women like us, interested in being elegant and trendy at the same time. Its creator focus on women’s elegance whether we are  beside the pool or at evening. The model below is an example of it, you can wear it during the day or night or both. It’s fabric is breathable and lightweight but has so much chicness in it that you feel like a goddess.




Their line is pretty colourful while remaining chic and elegant. Their creator loves to use patterns that represent on itself the word gate-away.


Another material that I love by all means is lace and embroidery pieces. They scream the word resort wear. While I was in Panama for the holidays, we went to the beach and I wore this beautiful yellow dress from Alexis, perfect for our dinner with friends.

The off the shoulder feature gives it a feminine touch. I love the detail on its fabric and the wedges are always a “go” since they elongates our legs making them looking like a mile long!









 Shop this look: unfortunately this dress is sold out, similar Here and affordable Here/ Espadrilles Here and Here 


Here there’s more ideas of nice dresses you can wear during your resort escape, perfect for the afternoon or to go to dinner:

Dress no. 1               Dress No. 2                  Dress No. 3


 Dress No. 4                                   Dress No. 5

These are examples of cute dresses you may take with you and there’s one for every budget.

Another essentials are the swim cover ups, perfect to start your day on top of your bathing suit and if you are like me, that love to bring a couple to rotate, here are  some models for you to shop or take some inspiration:

 Cover up No. 1      Cover up No. 2       Cover up No. 3


Cover up No. 4    Cover up No. 5

Under those cover ups are the swimsuits. We could not go to a resort or  a beach destination without them and to match perfectly with your place, here are some examples:

Swimsuit 1.     swimsuit 2.    Swimsuit 3.


        Bikini Top               Bikini Bottom

As you can see there’s so many options to choose from that is difficult not to want them all. One thing is sure, I am already there in mind, hoping for the days to fly by as this weather is inclement for the time being.

I will be happy to learn where are you heading for! Will love to hear your thoughts about what you prefer to bring while on beach holidays.


Disclosure: I might get commission for purchases or clicks made through links.