Wether you have a romantic date or dinner with friends, Valentines is a special occasion to go out and get dress in a very special way.

I don’t usually go out every February 14th with my hubby; sometimes we celebrate at home or not LOL, but for those willing to go out and wanting to wear something different and special,  I have compiled a series of outfits and accessories that calls for Valentines.

When you think of Valentines, you think red. Even if is not necessary to wear it from head to toe, a pop of red is always a good idea; I will say anytime because I am a big fan of this color and I think it’s suits every girl, but mostly on Valentines. However red is the main color, there also other hues that applies perfectly for this date, like pink, maroon and derivates. While you are not oblige to wear these colors on this particular day ( you can wear whatever color fancy you), they are always a good choice.

Also, ideally is to wear something new, something in which your love one has never seen you in, so this is the perfect time to go shopping and impress.

If you’re hesitating on what to wear, here’s my advice:

  1. Wear a Red Top:

There’s many ways to wear it,  casual with a pair of jeans or with trousers or a skirt for an elegant evening.



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2. Wear a Blush Dress:

This is the perfect way to go if you feel more in a romantique mood, but not only, as it’s goes perfectly for that dinner between friends.

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3. Wear Maroon:

If classic red or pink blush isn’t your thing, then this hue is perfect for you. Why not wearing a fur coat over a sexy dress or lace top?


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4. Wear something Lace:

Because lace is the summum of romanticism, so yes, lets make it obvious!   Or you can always contrast with a leather or a faux-fur jacket to complete the look.

5. Wear a red accessory:

If you don’t feel like playing the all in red outfit game, then wearing a red accent could be the perfect compromise.


All of this items can be combined in between them, like for example  a blush skirt will pair up with a maroon top gorgeously. Also, mix them together depending on how dressy or casual your date will be, but mostly have fun putting everything together.

Hope you guys enjoy your Valentines outing! feel free to leave a comment with your plans and off course if you have any questions I will be more than happy to be of any help.



Disclosure: I might get commission for purchases  made through links.