When it comes to whitening systems, there’s a whole world out there with myriads of options for us to whiten our teeth. A smile can tell our age based on our teeth color and condition, so keeping it white is essential for us women and men to look younger and in good health.

Every year our teeth get stained and colored by factors such as food, like drinking tea, coffee, sodas or wine and also smoking. So its key to find a simple way to whiten them at a lower cost and comfort of our home. However, it’s not an easy task when you have that amount of options out there, letting you feeling overwhelmed and more confused. If you ever feel this way,  keep reading.

I have searched for three crucial points to achieve a successful whitening process: effectiveness, coping with sensitivity, and, price.

Within thousands of treatments, I found these three different @home methods that are great without spending a fortune and safe at the same time:

1.  Smile Brilliant


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This method is my favorite so far because it is exactly as those made at the dentist office but at a fraction of their price. It’s basically the same, only that you order online.

Next, you will receive at home a product to be mixed to make your impressions (it’s super easy), and then you send them back to them, and in a few days, you have your custom trays.
You’ll have the choice between regular (non-sensitive issues) or sensitive. This is for me as I always had trouble with tooth sensitiveness while doing whitening treatments and I used to suffer a lot, but they have the option for people like me and a many of you I guess, to opt for a sensitivity gel that you apply right after whitening; it really works! sometimes I had to skip one day to prevent sensitiveness.

Also, they have a selection of three kinds of treatment, depending on how stained your teeth are, and their price will go in consequence.
In another good note, they ship worldwide, so that’s why this is my to go option if you haven’t tried before.

2. Opalescense Go:


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This is a different system where you don’t need custom made trays since everything is pre-made and pre-loaded; all you have to do is put the tray in, and wait. However, it can be less comfortable as your custom trays, but the work is done as well.

As per sensitiveness, Opalescence Go also contains Potassium Nitrate to reduce sensitivity, as well as Fluoride to help fight off cavities and strengthen the tooth enamel. Also, it’s recommended to use a sensitive toothpaste 2x a day for comfort wise.

Wait time will vary between 15 and 60 minutes per day, depending on the Hydrogen Peroxide concentration that goes from 10% to 15%.

Although it is more affordable than the first option, I think this system is better for upkeep the white every three months or so.

This product is only shipped within the US.

3. Colgate Optic White:



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This one is the cheaper of three of them. Is intended to be used in professionally made trays which are not included, so I think this method is perfect if you have your own trays at home from previous treatments and you wish to upkeep the whitening with effective results at a lower price.
Another alternative is to get individual trays at Amazon in case you don’t have previous ones. Shop Here

It contains a 9% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel to help visibly whiten teeth in as little as three days (full results in 7-10 days).
The formula contains fluoride and potassium nitrate to help with sensitiveness and cavities as well; is comparable to 30% carbamide peroxide;
As per wear time, is only 30 minutes per day.

I will say this is a great method if you have already your trays and just need the whitening gel, don’t feel spending too much and wich for a short period of time wear.

I hope you found this information valuable and that choosing your whitening method will be a smooth ride.




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