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How to Wear Leopard and Plaid Prints Together

Have you ever wonder how some girls manage to mix prints with ease? Why does it looks so simple while it feels such an imposible task to achieve? well, actually is not as complicated as it seems; with a few tips you will master the thing like a pro.

Busy prints like plaid and Leopard could be considered a “No No” or a fashion faux pas, but not anymore; so don’t be afraid to mix and match them in small or bigger doses, it’ll all depend on how ready are you to step out of your comfort zone.

In this picture I decided to add a touch of white with the shirt, to break a little bit the whole look and make it softer. Adding a neutral color like black or white can help softening a bit the look and making appear less busy, but again, all depends on how comfortable you feel as the results are as fun and pretty in any way.

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However, if you feel this is too much for you to begin with, then taking baby steps will lead you into the right direction.  Start by adding an accessory, like leopard shoes or a bag or even a belt.

For example, take a plaid shirt with a pair of jeans and a leopard belt; or the same, but instead leopard shoes and so on, you get the point.

I have linked several pieces for you to play around and shop or just get some ideas.


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I even found these  shoes from Marc fisher that have the two prints in it, plus they are on sale for USD 69.99 aren’t they cute? SHOP HERE

As I said, is not really difficult to mix them together; it’s only a matter of feeling comfortable and confident, but once you try it, you will see is kind of a piece of cake and you will be right on trend ;).




Disclosure: I might get a commission for purchases or clicks made through links.

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