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The purpose of this Blog is to share with you guys, women of all ages, single or busy moms,  how to embrace yourself, how to love who you are by enhancing your everyday look! Day or night we have the right to feel confident in our bodies and I believe that’s something we all can achieve by getting the right accessories.

I am a true believer that you don’t need the most expensive wardrobe to look good. All  you need is good sense, your intuition and also your mood and put the right pieces together.

Very often I get compliments on my style and typical comments like, “I love what you are wearing”,   “Oh your necklace looks fantastic on you”, but am so tall, or am so small or am too fat, it wouldn’t suit me as well….Blah, blah, blah! This is pure misconception and that’s what I want to prove you. We are all beautiful and we ALL have the potential to look good!

Accessories are KEY.  With this Blog I would like to share my tips on how to dress  stylish without having a big budget and how to elevate classic and simple pieces by accessorizing it with necklaces, bracelets, rings and more.

So who Am I? My name is Lorena and my nickname “LOVA”,  am a jewelry designer,  a wife, a mother of three lovely girls, living in the US, born and raised in Panama.  I love to travel,  meet new people and learn from different cultures.

Fashion is my passion. I love to follow the trends and combine pieces of designer with those of more affordable stores and create my own looks. I have  previously lived in Spain and Switzerland (15 years) before coming to the US, so I’ve been influenced by the European taste. 22C26FAF-006C-4110-A057-5F2CA1E7B835

Jewelry making and Fashion has always been a passion to me, but I didn’t start my career following this path; instead, I went to Law school and dedicated myself to Diplomacy for a long time (14 years), while  Jewelry creation was more  like a hobby.  Little by little within time and some courses, my hobby grew into my vocation and I ended up creating my own Jewelry brand, LOVA & MOI, and saying goodbye to my previous career.

Lova & Moi Logo

Creation is my world and what makes me happy! My pieces are fun, uniques, for sure, mostly handmade.

Join me through this journey! I will be sharing my tips and findings, my love for fashion and a glimpse of my everyday.  Make sure to subscribe to my blog.