Technology devices has become the “must have” object of today. I even think there’s no one on this earth that doesn’t own a  smart phone or laptop or both. We carry them everywhere, specially our phones, that are almost glued to ourselves haha.

Since they have  become a necessity, so is the need to protect them and at the same time, why not  picking something cool that appeal to us.

I love to own different cases and change them depending on my day mood, or where am going.

When Caseapp reached out to me I said to myself, let’s try it, but in my mind I was kind of skeptical thinking this would be exactly as others I have own in the past, where I wasn’t 100% pleased with the finish product.

Well let me tell you, I am not a bit disappointed, on the contrary, I loved so much the experience and product, that I would love to own many more haha.


So what’s CaseApp and how does it works? is, as its name refer to it,  a website where you can buy phone cases and Laptop skins. They have a wide variety of designs, making it harder to choose between all of them.

First, You pick your device model (they have them all, believe me) and the creation phase begins. You can choose between one of their designs or customise yours. when I say customise yours, it means you can create this with one of your photos, make a collage, drawing or just play around between their designs and your initials or name or a quote, etc.   I chose mine  with my blog name on it and I was so happy with the result. I mean, why having a regular model that everybody have when you can have your own design?


You can choose the finish between matte or glossy. I must say I wasn’t expecting to be this clear and perfect, they really nailed it.

I chose one of their designs for the laptop skin, simply because I fell in love with it and the colors matched perfectly with my phone case, making it a nice bundle. As they wont protect your laptop, is a way to make it unique.


So, why do I love it:

  1. You can custom-made your phone case/ Laptop skin
  2. their designs are gorgeous
  3. very friendly user website
  4. The phone case is pretty sturdy and protects the phone from many falls (that I have already experienced)
  5. The price is great and you can have a 20% discount code LOVAMOI20, so it will be even cheaper.
  6. It makes the perfect gift for Christmas with their personalization feature


 Now that you are in the know,  you can’t miss this opportunity. What are you waiting for? go to and insert  my code LOVAMOI20 for a 20% off your entire purchase.




** This post is in collaboration with CaseApp but all views are my own.